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1993-98                        Hungarian Academy Of Fine Arts, faculty of painting, Budapest, prof. Zoltán Tölg-Molnár

1998-2000                    MA degree in the Hungarian Academy Of Fine Arts, prof. Zoltan Tölg-Molnár

1999                             postgraduate studies in the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Nürnberg, prof. Diet Sayler

Individual Exhibitions

1999                             Les Complementaires, Batofar, Paris (with Anna Szigethy) (F)

2000                             Baby Doll, Stúdió Gallery, Budapest (H)

2001                             Under Construction, Goethe Institut Inter Nationes, Budapest (with Gyula Domián) (H)

                                     Lumiére Obscure, Hotel K und K Opera, Budapest (H)

                                     Opening, Gallery Illárium, Budapest (H)

2002                             Corso, Gallery Godot, Budapest (H)

2004                             MMS, Gallery Godot, Budapest (H)

                                     Compressed Painting, MATÁV Exhibiting Hall, Budapest (H)

2008                             Grammar Of Glamour, Gallery Godot, Budapest (H)

2010                             Sweet Lies, Kogart Gallery, Budapest (H)

2011                             Wasp In A Jar (with Mirjam Siefert) GHYCZY, Berlin

                                     A Sort Of Homecoming, (with Franziska Klotz) CHB, Berlin

2013                             Are You Mine? Café des Artistes, Berlin

                                     Be Calm, Be Strong, Be Patient, Art Felicia, Mauren (LIE)

2015                             Temptation, Galerie Artdocks, Bremen
2016                             Generic Code, Galerie Katrin Hiestand, Wildau


Selected Gruop Exhibitions

2010                             A Hard Rain`s Gonna Fall, BSA Showroom, Berlin
2011                             Megapixel, Olof Palme House, Budapest (H)

                                     Lost, Galerie Am Park, Bremen

                                     Young European Landscape, CHB, Berlin

                                     Hung(a)ry Hearts, Hungarian Embassy in Berlin

                                     Young European Landscape, Gallery Wolfsen, Aalborg (DK)

                                     Tecnology Won`t Save Us, Art Suits Gallery, Istanbul (TR)

                                     Tradition, Gallery Wolfsen, Aalborg (DK)

2012                             I´m sorry. Ididn`t realize you! , Port Art Gallery, Ankara (TR)

                                     This Is Hardcore, Chinese Business Center, Potsdam

                                     Breaking God`s Heart, Galerie Naimah Schütter, Berlin

2013                             Love Will Destroy Us In The End, Art Suites Gallery, Istanbul (TR)

                                     Vielzuviel, Galerie Baum Auf Dem Hügel, Berlin

                                     The World Won`t Listen, Galerie Franz Pedersen, Horsens (DK)

                                     Not Now, Galerie Wolfsen, Aalborg (DK)

2014                             The Magnificent Seven, Haderslev Kunstforeningen, (DK)

                                     Augen leuchten, Lippen flüstern, Art Felicia, Mauren (LIE)

2015                             Hier und Jetzt, Kunsthalle Budapest, (H)

                                     Night On Earth, CHB, Berlin

                                     Generic Code, Galerie M Beck, Homburg

                                     What A Wonderful Life, Galerie ArtDocks, Bremen

2016                             Under Cover, Galerie ArtDocks, Bremen

                                     1x1, 92 Art Gallery, Berlin

                                     Tod & Wagnis, Galerie M. Beck, Homburg

                                     Mere End Tusinde Ord, Galerie Provence, Vadum (DK)

2017                             Immanence, Pictura Groningen, Groningen, (NL)

                                     Sensations, Kunstbygningen Filosoffen, Odense, (DK)

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